Title:  Corpo fechado

Format:  Documentary /  4k video InstallAtion . 5.1 surround . color

Length: 41 Minutes

year: 2016

countries of production: Brasil, germany, USA

Producer /Director: Mario Pfeifer

Co-Producer: KOW

Motion design: Jonas DahL

Musical Score: Kamran Sadeghi

Sound desIgn /mastering: thomas wallmann / neuton

Research and PRODUCTION Assistance BY Rodrigo Rodriguez

Funder: Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department

Corpo Fechado is a recently produced 4K Video in São Paulo, Brazil focussing on societal conditions in relation to spiritual and religious practices in the megapolis.

Three episodes are interconnected through three interludes that introduce sites of production of religious objects.

Here chain and hand-produced objects are manufactured and distributed globally for believers of all major religions, on the junction of labour, market and faith.

Corpo Fechado is situated between documentary and fiction, between reality and belief, between social realism and philosophical prediction in the age of media and tradition.

Each Episode was produced in collaboration with the practitioner – both to represent core ideas of the practice and ideology but also as a critical reflection on the societal condition we live in, through the lens of faith.

More details on the project and the exhibition history can be found here.