Title: Working with Allan Sekula – A Video Message from Tierra del Fuego

Format: essay Film /  4K video InstallAtion . Stereo . color

Length: 14 Minutes

year: 2014

Countries of Production: Chile, Germany

Producer /Director: Mario Pfeifer

ComMissioner: Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst [NGBK], Berlin


Image, Montage, Voice Over by Mario Pfeifer

Mario Pfeifer reflects in his video essay his relationship to Allan Sekula in the framework of a public conversation in Los Angeles in 2011 in which Pfeifer's first monograph was discussed. Pfeifer's first personal encounter with Sekula continued in the following year during the preparation for another publication, a process that marked very personal exchanges between the two artists. Pfeifer's footage that serves as the background of his memories was filmed on a cargo ferry in Tierra del Fuego, during a cruise from Puerto Williams to a fishermen colony in the southernmost parts of the world in Puerto Toro. The images pay tribute to Sekula's famous works on the sea, its economy, laborer and the beauty of those remote heterotopias. 

Working with Allan Sekula – A Video Message from Tierra del Fuego premiered on August 16, 2014 at Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst [NGBK], Berlin.

More details on the project and the exhibition history can be found here.