Title:  backways

Format:  Documentary / 2-channel 4k video InstallAtion . stereo . color

Length: 9 Minutes

year: 2019

countries of production: Senegal, germany

Producer /Director: Mario Pfeifer

Co-Producer: KOW

CoMmissioner / Funder: Villa romana / henrich-böll-stiftung dhakar

Backways is a short film produced in Sinthian / Senegal with rapper and activist Negger Dou Tamba. In Negger Dou's Song Backways, as in the subsequent conversation, he calls on young Africans to use their local resources, to cultivate the land and to develop autonomy in and for Africa - instead of seeking a false Eldorado in secluded Europe and for that to risk their lives. In the face of the current debate about refugees in distress, Backways creates an alternative space for discourse through the poetics of rap music and agricultural activism to influence the fate of those seeking the dream of self-determination and prosperity in a politically dramatically changing Europe.

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