Production Design: Susanne Dieringer

Light Design: Heiko Grund

Costume design: Dorota Budna

Voice Over: Sandra Borgmann

Make Up Artists: Adella Selzer, Julia Böhm, Nicole Krämer

Sound Design: Thomas Wallmann

Animation Design: Jonas dahl

score: Kamran Sadeghi

Country of production: germany

Funder: Medienboard berlin-Brandenburg, kulturstiftung des freistaates sachsen

Co-Producer: Arte / RBB, blackboardfilms, papermoon films, kow, berlin biennale

Project Website:

AGAIN – Noch einmal

Wolrd Premiere: 50.VIsions du reel 2019

International medium length competition

Format: Documentary

Length: 39 Minutes

Year:  2019

Executive Producer /Director: Mario Pfeifer

Cast: Dennenesch Zoudé, mark Waschke, Dilan B.

Screenplay: Lillian von Keudell, Mario Pfeifer

Executive Producer RBB: Rainer Baumert

Commissioning editor RBB: Dagmar Mielke

Co-Producer: Oliver Thau

Director of Photography: Stephan Burchardt

Montage: Mario Pfeifer / Alexander koch

His name was Schabas Saleh Al-Aziz. He came from Iraq where his family had remained. He was 21 years old. He suffered from epilepsy and mental disorders and he was found frozen to death in a forest in former East Germany. Some time before his death, he had been the subject of an intense debate when, during a violent incident in a supermarket, he had found himself tied to a tree by four men—heroes to some, self-appointed vigilantes fuelled by racism to others. This is the event that Mario Pfeifer proposes to re-enact in a studio, down to the smallest detail. Applying the codes of the TV talk-show, action films or even legal staging, he lets everyone speak, using film as the means to hold a trial that never took place, since the judge handling the case refused to investigate it. A jury needed to be composed—ten men and women with only one thing in common; they too left their country to settle in Germany. An essential, contemporary film of unrelenting precision. 

– Céline Guénot / Visions du Réel

Festival PRemieres

50th Visions du Réel International Film Festival Nzon (CH) / International competition – world premiere
14th Doc Edge auckland (NZ) / International competition – Asia-PAcific Premier
37th asolo art film festival (IT) / International competition – italian Premiere
11th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (IT) / World Vision – Korean Premiere

Nomination for PRIX EUROPA – Changing Europe / The Power of Dialogue in the category TV Documentary.


Jury Statement

We would recommend Again/Noch Einmal receive a Special Mention. The film was sophisticated in its structure and ambitious in its realisation. Again was also challenging, taking on a fraught issue preoccupying many communities and countries worldwide, one that is not black and white. In setting up its audiences as active spectators, it eschews simple empathy, rather forcing us to engage with our own ethical and political viewpoints.

Jury Statement

For courageously investigating a famous case, deconstructing it, and highlighting the contemporary blurring between civil courage and self-justice.

Prix Europa nomination

Again has been nominated for the prestigious PRIX EUROPA – Changing Europe / The Power of Dialogue in the category TV Documentary. In 1987 PRIX EUROPA (PE) was founded by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Today it has grown into a most influential pan European broadcasting festival
which has taken up the cause of fighting for the fellowship of Europe and all its cultural diversity. The distinct motto of PE is Changing Europe. PE puts a strong focus on the crucial question in our societies: Whom do we trust - and why? In the age of the rapid use and distribution of Fake News and Alternative Facts we have to fortify journalistic competence and credibility. We need our media - TV, radio, digital - at its best. Since 2017 PE enjoys the Patronage of the European Parliament.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 08.05.39.png

Mr. Pfeifer bracingly stages an all-strings-attached re-enactment — his fictional version fuses Brechtian alienation techniques with the showmanship of trashy German talk shows — to pick at both the alleged crime and the holes in its media representation.

ARTFORUM international

Forty-two minutes of step-by-step accounting gradually magnify the scale of the injustice. The sincere and moving responses by the jury further underscore the import of the crime. 

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Video installation 'Again' asks troubling questions about Saxony's far right
Pacinthe Mattar, Deutsche Welle, 02.10.2018


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